Hurtling through space and time, past galaxies and solar systems at unnatural speed.
Like a comet he bursts through the clouds and crashes on the surface of a barren planet.
He wakes, head throbbing, blood trickling.
He wonders - what the hell happened?

The story

MOTHERSHIP starts at the beginning of time itself - the Big Bang.
This cosmic explosion not only created the universe as we know it, but also a set of celestial beings.

Our story follows one of these beings - the STARMAN. In early times these gods lived lives of creation and destruction, forming galaxies and planets between drunken nights and lost weekends. But Starman is banished and sent crashing onto a desolate planet with diminished powers and a foggy memory; exiled for eternity.

However, through a combination of his blood and the lava and water of this strange planet, life is created. It takes the form of creatures made from a meat-like substance. Lacking nervous or cerebral systems, these meat creatures are wonderfully amorphous, but also not the smartest things in the universe.

The Starman shapes and teaches these creatures, evolving them into human-esque forms. They worship him, he instructs them in the building of monuments and a civilization grows. With their help, the Starman is able to travel back to his galactic home. But was the creation he left behind a mistake?


MOTHERSHIP adopts Pulp Fiction-style storytelling, diving head first into out-of-sync events and segments letting the viewer put the pieces together. Similar to Star Wars, it spans eras with a constant focus on Starman. The cross-genre series blends comedy, VFX, drama, and emotion, using various MEDIUMS for time jumps and exploring different story segments.

What’s Next?

The Mothership story is enormous, requiring room to tell

The project is imagined as an animated miniseries told across three seasons, with each season having its own arc that fits into the overall narrative.

The episodes will have flexible runtimes, similar to ‘Love, Death & Robots’, ranging between 2 and 10 minutes.

Writing our legacy

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